In 2002 Nix joined artistic forces with Robert Weiss, choreographer of Carolina Ballet, and costume designer, David Heuvel, as costume and set consultant for two ballets by Igor Stravinsky, Jeu de Cartes (A Game of Cards) and Pulcinella. Nix incorporates fanciful elements from her paintings to each unique set and costume design. From her vibrant colors, ribbons and stripes seen in her tarot painting “Fool”, to rich textures and ornate detail of the breathtaking “Elizabeth I“, each costume illuminates with her signature color palette. “Stravinsky’s Clowns” was brought to life by Nix’s inspiration for the exquisite set designs. Nix set out to create a backdrop of vibrant color for Jeu de Cartes and chose her original oil painting “Waterlilies in a Shallow Pond” to be transferred onto a large canvas backdrop stretched across the stage, set in a formal garden topiary with shrubs, enhancing the depth of the painting for a dramatic stage effect. For Pucinella, she had a more elaborate plan in place. Nix used her mixed-media construction “Stairway to the Stars” as a model for the façade of Pantalone’s house. Nix’s original box sculpture was the model for what would become a monumental set for dancers to tell their story and viewers to gaze upon.

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