Patricia Nix has completed an outstanding collection of recent work that embraces surrealism and art history, including extraordinary collages, painted constructions, exquisite flower studies, totems, and trellises, now on view in the Originals Gallery. Perhaps some of her most uplifting and spiritual constructions are captured by her series of Altars and Icons. In 1986, after completing an ambitious series of Face Cards, Nix was drawn to yet another challenge - the Tarot. She began creating Tarot cards in oil and collage, but abandoned the project to work on a series of Handkerchief Trellises. Upon completion of the trellises, she returned to the Tarot project and has since spent seven years developing the series of Tarot Cards. More recently, Nix has also transferred her talents to costume and set design for the Carolina Ballet.

Compelled to link objects and iconography, and bring a relationship into existence through association, repetition, and variation, these works represent Nix’s multi-faceted nature as an artist. Her choice of medium, subject, and color evoke the spiritual, erotic, and mystical powers at play. The end result is always a stunning work of art that is nothing short of pure emotion.

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