“The most beautiful experience we can have is that of mystery.”

- Albert Einstein

At the age of four, Patricia Nix accompanied her mother and aunt on a trip to Fort Smith Arkansas to consult a fortuneteller. “She was frightened of me,” Patricia recalls of the fortune teller, “and indicated I had a singular destiny.” This childhood experience transcended into a series of Tarot Card paintings, just as haunting and powerful as Nix was to the fortuneteller. Having constructed works evoking variation, repetition, and game playing, from boxes to circus people to cards, it was only natural that the Tarot paintings followed. A subconscious fixation from her childhood combined with her attraction to symbolism and challenge, Nix was compelled to study the history and iconography of the Tarot.

The Tarot embodies powerful intangibles, or universal ideas, associated with a series of pictorial forms. The conscious and unconscious planes of the human mind overlap to create a symbolic dialogue between representational and unspoken truths that evoke the nature of mystery, philosophy, and spirituality.

Since the Tarot elicit a universal memory from the viewer, or “collective unconscious,” as C.G. Jung defines, Nix’s role as artist is to open the doorway between unconscious (repressed ideas and memories) and conscious (deliberate actions), and add a third component into the equation - the viewer. Nix translates the universal archetypes into a pictorial narrative for the viewer to enjoy. Thus, for Nix, the Tarot provides a tangible plane upon which to create a single interpretation of the cards among an infinite number of possibilities. We invite you to explore Nix’s sophisticated, contemplative, and visually stunning series in the Tarot Gallery.

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